The Sri Chinmoy Marathon

Rockland Lake State Park, Congers New York

Run the Marathon - from anywhere in the world!

Über die Veranstaltung

This year (2020), due to the current global situation, the eighteenth annual Sri Chinmoy Marathon which usually takes place around Rockland Lake in Valley Cottage, New York, will be held virtually. This means that those who wish to participate, can do so in their own country on a course of their own choosing, adhering to their government regulations on safety and social distancing.

Enter by Aug. 7 to receive your race shirt in time for the race! 

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26.2 miles


  • $20 Including race shirt
  • $10 without race shirt


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  • Male and Female:
  • Top 7: Under 50
  • Top 3: 50-59
  • Top 2: 60-69
  • First Place: 70 and over

Race Details

Registration and Fees

Marathon Entry with Race Shirt: $20
Marathon Entry Only (No Shirt) $10

Participants in the United States and Canada:  Register through RedPodium

Participants in other countries:  Register through Eventrac

Registration closes at 11pm New York time, Thu. Aug. 20th.


Register by Aug. 7 to receive your race shirt in time for the race!  Shirt will be mailed directly to you.  T-shirt sizes are Unisex:  X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2XL.  Those registering after Aug. 7 will likely receive their shirts after the race.

Race Dates

Run your Marathon on Sat. Aug 22nd, Sun. Aug. 23rd or Monday Aug. 24th (not before, and not after).  Results must be submitted no later than Tuesday Aug. 25th, 8AM New York Time.

Race Course

Following international guidelines for virtual races, we recommend that you select a course that is 'out and back' or laps. Laps must not be shorter than 1 mile. If you are running point to point, the maximum allowable drop in elevation between the start and finish points is 138 feet (43 meters).

Proof of Race

Participants with “Fast times” per age / gender group (see list below) MUST submit a link to their race on a tracking device app (Garmin, Strava, Fitbit etc) showing that they completed the full marathon distance (26.2 miles or 42.195 kilometres), the course, the date, and the race time (without pausing the time). If a point-to-point course was used, the maximum allowable elevation loss between the start to finish points is 138 feet or 42 metres.

Fast times: MUST submit link to race on tracking device:
Men under 50:      3:00:00 or faster
Women under 50:      3:30:00 or faster
Men and Women 50 and over:      4:15:00 or faster

Results submissions that do not meet our guidelines may be disqualified

Submitting Results

Participants must submit their own race time in H:MM:SS (hours:minutes:seconds format) . Times must be submitted by Tuesday, August 25th at 8AM New York time. Details on how to submit your race time will be emailed to you closer to race day.


Final official results will be published here on this webpage within two days


Champion certificates will be awarded to:

Under 50: Top 7 50-59: Top 3, 60-69: Top 2, 70 & over: First Place.

Age Restrictions

Runners must be 18 or older to compete.