Sri Chinmoy Peace-Mile 6-Hour Race

Peace Mile Munich

Beautiful and friendly 6-hour race for solo and relay runners. Great aid stations and free post race meal.

Beautiful certified lap course (1580m)
Fun, supportive & friendly atmosphere
Perfect and sumptious race catering
Free post race dinner (vegan & organic)
Solo and relay options

About the event

This 6-hour race is a friendly and entertaining event for solorunners and teams alike. The race is held at the Peace-Mile in Munich-Moosach. It is situated in the beautifully park around the Post-Sport-Club in Munich and gives the races its name. Here's how the event works ...

Solo runners: 6-hour races are perfect if you want to adventure into the ultra running scene. It's a good way to go past a Marathon for the first time. If you are a specialist or old-timer in hour races you will enjoy it just as much as this race has a family-like friendly atmosphere and lots of nature, too.

Team Relay: There are 4 members in a team. A team can be all male, all female or mixed (at least 1 male and 1 female per mixed team). The members can change as often as they want to. With a smart strategy you can be right up front.

Online registration (starting 01.12.2020)

Selected Comments:

"I would like to thank you and your team from the bottom of my heart for your great race organization. The counters cheered me on every lap. Your could feel the heart in everyone helping. " - Uli Hammemann

"The lap course was entertaining and I loved the girls with the live music, too." - Eva Hofmann

"...this race was once again a lot of fun..." - Rainer Hillebrand

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Experience the race


6-Hour Solorunner

    • 10:00 am
    • EUR 50,00 until Sept. 5, 2021
    • EUR 60,00 late entry after Sept. 5

6-Hour Relay Team


Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team
+49 (0)89 12 02 15 13
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Award categories

  • Solorunners:
  • Top 7 men & women
  • First three Vet 50 men & women
  • First two Vet 60 men & women
  • First Vet 70 man & woman
  • Relay teams:
  • Top 3 of each category

Race information

In 1986 the Peace-Mile was inaugurated by the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team in cooperation with the city of Munich. It is situated in the beautiful park around the Post Sport Club in Munich-Moosach. The Peace-Mile wants to be a symbol and inspiration for all to strive for peace and harmony. A peace tree was planted at the location of the plaque in 1988. It is kindly taken care of by the landscaping school situated just around the corner.

  • beautiful lap course (the Peace-Mile) on well maintained park roads
  • DLV measured 1580 meter lap around the "Post-Sport-Club"
  • Start area located at the peace tree (Am Kapuzinerhölzl 45-47, 80992 München) near "The Tent", In den Kirschen 30, 80992 Munich.
  • course map and parking information is available at

Course records:

  • Male: Kai Jendretzke 80.382 k (2014)
  • Female: Anne Stephan - 76,392 km (2018)
  • Staffel Damen: Laufen gegen Leiden - 63.218 km (2015)
  • Staffel Herren: Lauffreunde - 80,458 km (2017)
  • Staffel Mixed: Lauffreunde - 81,413 km (2018)

Saturday, 11 September 2021 (race day)

9 am   race number pick up
9:45 am   contact your lap counter and then walk to starting area (appx 500m)
9:55 am   assemble at race start area
10 am   race start
4 pm   race finish
pick up your medal with your counter
4:15 pm   free post race dinner for everyone
5 pm   award ceremony
  • Solo runners: EUR 50,- registered and payed by Sept. 5, 2021
    EUR 60,- late and race day entry
  • Team relays: (max 4 runners) EUR 100,- registered and payed by Sept. 5, 2021
    EUR 110,- late and race day entry
  • Late entry until just before the start is possible. As soon as you know, please give us a call at +49-172-8343328. Thank you.
  • Money transfer details:
    account name: SCMT
    bank name: Genossenschaftsbank München eG
    BLZ.: 701 694 64, Kto.: 514 888,
    IBAN: DE77 7016 9464 0000 5148 88 - BIC/SWIFT: GENODEF1M07
    Comment: 6-Stunden-Race Munich + Team name (if applicable)
  • if you apply in written form kindly attach a copy of your money transfer.
  • No shows will not be refunded. If you cancel your application by Sep. 5, 2021 we reimburse you minus our expenses of EUR 10,00.

Time keeping:

  • laps are recorded by chip time system and your personal counter
  • every runner gets is assigned to a counter. Please contact him/her 15 min pre race start
  • big, digital clock
  • 50k interim results - marked marathon point (no recording)


  • big aid station with heaps of snacks and refreshments catered for runners
  • free post race dinner
  • all food provided is vegetarian, vegan and 95% organic. Plenty of options for that work for non vegan runners as well!
  • Area for personal refreshments. Bring your own table if possible.

Environmental protection:

  • we use reusable cups for drinks. Please depose them in the colored bins after the aid station.
  • Please use the garbage bins along the course to dispose your gel wrappers etc.

Toilettes, showers, changing rooms and medical:

  • showers and changing rooms are provided by "The Tent" (see course map)
  • additional tents for changing and savekeeping of your bag during the race in the proximity of the registration area
  • medical support during race. In case of an emergency please contact the race office near counting station.
  • toilettes located right at the course and in changing area

Photos and results (free):

  • After the race you can download photos from our gallery. Race results and certificates are available thourgh the results link.

Date for 2022:

  • In 2022 the race will  take place on September 10th

Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team
An der Würm 28
81247 München
Tel.+49 (0)89 12021525 (weekdays)
Mobil: +49 (0)172 8343328 (evenings)
E-Mail: [email protected]

Online Registration

Enter online here (starting 01.12.2020)

Award Categories

Solorunners male and female:

main category (18-49yrs) - place 1-7
master male and female (50-59yrs) - place 1-3
senior male and female (60-69yrs) - place 1-2
grand master male and female (70+yrs) - place 1

Relay teams: Awards for first, second and third male team, female team and mixed team.

  • Medals for everyone finishing the race. Awards and gifts for the placed runners and teams.
  • Certificates for placed runners and teams during the award ceremony. Other certificates and race results can be downloaded after race from the race results webpage.

Sri Chinmoy 6-hour Hero Cup

The Sri Chinmoy 6-Hour Hero Cup combines six 6-hour races staged by the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team in Europe. There 2018 series starts in Nuremberg, Germany and ends in Milano, Italy on Sept. 20.

Ranking Points: The three (3) best results are scored in the overall ranking for each runner. Ranking points in the final race (Milano) are increased by 20% then rounded. In the result of a tie for a podium position, head-to-head results are considered with the Series final as the most important result.

Ranking points breakdown: 100-88-78-72-68-66-64-62-60-58-56-54-52-50 down to 1 point. Scoring goes down to 40th position for men and women.

Appearance points: Every starter earns 20 appearance points independet of their ranking and for every race series race they participate (= max 120 points).

The best 3 races plus all appearance points count towards the Cup Ranking.

The overall male and female winner of the series will be crowned Sri Chinmoy 6-hour Hero-Cup Champions.

More details:

Travel details

Parking is free and availabe on the public roads around the race course and the Post-Sport-Park:

  • Best choice: parking lot of the Post-Sport-Club, Franz-Mader-Straße 11, 80992 München
  • In den Kirschen (limited availibility)
  • Am Kapuzinerhölzl (limited availibility)
  • Schragenhofstr. (limited availibility)
  • also see course map details and internet

From your parking walk to race office at Am Kapuzinerhölzl 45-47, 80992 München

By car:

  • The course is located near the botanical gardens north of the Nymphenburg palace. When you are in Munich always follow the signs to "Autobahn Stuttgart" or if you come from "Stuttgart" stay on that road driving into Munich. The road names will change from Verdistr. to Menzinger Str.
  • Coming from the city centre the botanical gardens are on your left and the hospital "Dritter Orden" on your right. The tram runs in the middle of the road and there is also a traffic light. At the hospital and the traffic light turn right into "Franz-Schrank-Str.". At the end of the road turn right into "In den Kirschen" and find a parking place. Further parking spots are available in other roads around the race course. Best to park at the sport club parking lot (Franz-Mader-Straße 11, 80992 München). Please see map for further details.
  • Coming from Munich west (Stuttgart/Lindau/A99) via Verdistr. and Menzinger Str. the botanical gardens are on your right and the hospital "Dritter Orden" on your left. There is also a trafic light and a tram stop in the middle of the road. Turn left onto "Franz-Schrank-Str.". At the end of the road turn right into "In den Kirschen" and find a parking place. Best to park at the sport club parking lot (Franz-Mader-Straße 11, 80992 München). Further parking spots are available in other roads around the race course. Please see map for details.
  • From your parking place walk to the registration area at "Am Kapuzinerhölzl". (Am Kapuzinerhölzl 45-47, 80992 München).

By bus, train or plane:

  • Bus: From the busstation (ZOB) at "Hackerbrücke" take the tram (Straßenbahn) Nr. 17 direction "Amalienburgstr."
  • Train: From the main train station (Hauptbahnhof) take the tram (Straßenbahn) Nr. 17 direction "Amalienburgstr."
  • Plane: From the airport take S-Bahn S1 or S8 to the main train station (Hauptbahnhof). From there take the tram (Straßenbahn) Nr. 17 direction "Amalienburgstr."

    then for everyone:
  • exit the tram at "Botanical Garden".
  • walk into "Franz-Schrank-Str." following signs to "The Tent". At the end of the road turn left into "In den Kirschen" and after 30 Meters turn right into "Am Kapuzinerhölzl". If you end up on the premises of "The Tent" your are wrong. Track back to the road and go down a little further and then turn right. Walk along the road and you approach the Peace-Mile and registration area.

Hotels in the area:

Cheap (backpacker):

  • A cheap alternative is "The Tent" near the start area. You can either pitch your own tent or sleep in a group accomodation. Because the race date is close to sommer holidays and Oktoberfest early booking is recommended.


"[...] I would like to give you a big compliment and a big thank you, the event on Saturday was just great! For me it was the first 6 hour run / ultra and even though I did not quite make the 50km, This race has made me want more, I already knew the course, but all the environment were really great .. I have never had such great food during a marathon and the helpers were even better. They were always in a good spirits.
I would also like to emphasize the lap counters, who received me loudly at each of my 30 rounds and thus counteracted a lap dissiness :) "

-- Andreas Stettner (2018)

"I didn’t have a chance to catch someone after the race today to talk to, so I wanted to send you a quick message via email. I’ve lived in Germany for more than two years as a student and I’ve taken part in several races around Munich and also other parts of Europe. I wanted to say that today was the best experience I’ve ever had at a race, and I wish I would be here next year to do it again. Today when I was leaving I felt the urge to help more with something because I definitely took more away than what I gave. Thank you so much for an open and inspiring event. My boyfriend and dog were also very happy about the day. Many thanks to the enthusiastic counters- they were definitely working equally as hard as the runners. Good luck with future events and please keep the positivity and enthusiasm at those as well!"
-- Chelase Ehret (2018)

"The race, the atmosphere, the running environment as well as the orga team were just top class [...] I've never experienced anything like that at any big running event."
-- Dennis Lehmann (2017)

"It was once again a great run, with top organization and support! Thanks again."
-- Jochen Steybe (2017)

"As always it was wonderful with you. [...] There is always something special to run at your races!!"
-- Ulrike Greif (2017)

"The race was areally nice experience ... Your races are really great - of course they are the best ... I ran about 1 hour in pure delight, ... and also the energy was always great. .. "
-- Irina Hagedorn (2017)

"Thanks again for this great event. Just amazing how you're cheered on during this race. Looking forward to next year."
-- Christian Schuster (2017)

"[...] thanks again to the whole team for the successful running event [...], as always perfectly organized (you really think of everything!), wonderfully relaxed and informal atmosphere (chill!), super motivating atmosphere during the run (pushes even if it hurts!) and on top the great vegan food (why does not that exist everywhere?). For me one of the most beautiful running events! "
-- Martin Feigl (2017)

"I would like to thank you and your team for the great organization and many greetings to your counter team, who cheered me on after each lap, to your catering team and to all other helpers. You could feel that every one put in his or her heart."
-- Uli Hannemann

"I was thrilled to be part of this wonderful race again, so many thanks to all of you - the organizers, the kitchen and everyone who was there."
-- Katya Wagner

"It was really nice to run at your race. It was very family-like."
-- Peter Rigol

"The circuit was entertaining and the girls really great with the music!"
- Eva Hofmann

"Hello dear team, the race was really fun again and your organization was unbeatably good. It is unique how you all care for the event and bring the common goal across. A request: can you reveal the super pasta recipe? ;-) "
- Reiner Hillebrand