Sri Chinmoy 6-Hour Race - Cancelled!

Wöhrder Wiese, Nuremberg

Beautiful and fun spring race for ultra beginners and experienced runners in lovely park near town centre

Fun & friendly atmosphere
Beautiful, flat course
DLV measured lap course (1522 m)
perfect and plenty race food (solid and liquid)
Post race dinner for all
Medals for all
Personal counter and chip-timing

About the event


We were hoping for a long time, but Covid-19 still does not allow us a save organization of this traditional spring race. Therefor we follow many other organizers and have to cancell the 2021 edition. If we are lucky we can run in September in Munich. Keep your fingers crossed!

The Sri Chinmoy 6-hour race in Nuremberg, Germany is a fixure in the Frankish and German running calendar. Something to be part of!

The beautiful park at the Wöhrder Wiese is a perfect place to put your legs at a test after all the long winter miles. The race course if flat and fast and the mostly moderate temperatures ideal for something "big".

For ultra newcomers this race is the best you can get. A sumptuous race catering buffet and an inspiring crew give you full support and motivation. Hundreds have made their first steps in ultra running at this race and many are running in the world elite category today. The list of records broken on this course goes back to 1997!

Whatever your goal we are happy to welcome you.

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Previous Results


6-Hours Solo

    • 10:00 am
    • EUR 50,00 until 14.02.2021
    • EUR 55,00 until 28.02.2021
    • EUR 60,00 until 06.03.2021
    • Late entry +10 EUR until 30 min before start
  • View course map »

6-Hour Team-Relay

    • 10:00 am
    • EUR 100,00 (until 28.02.2021)
    • EUR 110,00 (until 07.03.2021)


Pragya Gerig
+49 (0)911 28 88 65
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Event details

  • beautiful, flat, paved lap course
  • DLV certified 1522 m
  • Address: Wöhrder Wiese, Nuremberg
  • detailed course map via

Course records

  • Women: Dr. Nele Alders-Baerens, Ultrasportclub Marburg - 82,998 km (2016)
    (German best time overall + world best time W35)
  • Men: Adam Zahoran, LG Bamberg - 87,991 km (2016)
  • alle statistics over the years can be viewd at:
  • 8am race number pick up
  • 9:45am contact your lap counter
  • 10am race start
  • 4pm race finish
  • 4:01pm receive your race medal from your counter
  • 4:15pm post race dinner, showers and dressingroms at Insel Schütt school, Hintere Insel Schütt 5 (about 500m on foot from race area)
  • 5:15pm award ceremony at Insel Schütt school

Solo runners

  • EUR 50,- registered and payed by Feb. 14, 2021
  • EUR 55,- registered and payed between Feb. 15 and Feb. 28, 2021
  • EUR 60,- registered and payed between March 1st and March 07, 2021
  • Late entry: +10 EUR starting from March 8, 2021 until race day 9:30 am
  • Late entries from March 8 please contact Pragya Gerig as soon as you know you want to run. Contact phone: +49 (0)911 28 88 65

Team relay (2-4 runner per team)

  • EUR 100,- registered and payed by Feb. 28, 2021
  • EUR 110,- registered and payed between March 1st and March 07, 2021
  • Late entries are not available for team relay

Money transfer

  • Race fee accepted by money transfer to:

    account holder: Bachmann
    bank name: Stadtsparkasse Fürth
    IBAN: DE57 7625 0000 0040 2633 29
    Comment: 6-Stunden-Lauf

Cancellation / Bib transfer / no shows

  • If you cancel your application by March 7, 2021 we reimburse you minus our expenses of EUR 7,-
  • If you cancel your application by March 12, 2021 we reimburse you minus our expenses of EUR 14,-
  • No shows will not be refunded
  • Your bib can be transfered to another runner for free until 30 min before the race

Solo runners (women and men)


Age group   prizes
men and women (MHK,WHK) (18-49yrs) place 1-7
master men and women (MS1,WS1) (50-59yrs) place 1-3
senior  men and women (MS2,WS2) (60-69yrs) place 1-2
Grand Master men and women (MS3,WS3)   (70+yrs) place 1


Team relay


women place 1-3
men place 1-3
mixed place 1-3


  • Medals for every runner independent of achieved time or km
  • Trophies and/or other prizes for the podium.
  • Certificates and race results can be picked up at the race or downloaded from the results website


Time keeping:

  • big, digital clock
  • lap times will be recorded electronically with a one-time chip included in your race number
  • Backup recordng with personal counter every runner is assigned. Please contact him/her 15 min pre race start
  • 50k interim results

Catering / medical / toilettes:

  • race buttet with water, various drinks, tea and light snacks catered for runners
  • free post race dinner
  • you can place your own provisions but please bring a small table to put it on
  • medical support
  • toilettes right at the course

drop out

  • If you decide to drop out of the race please inform your counter.
  • Right after race finisch at 4pm you receive your finisher medal from your counter. If you finish before 4pm please pick up your medal at the race office at the counter station.
  • Showers are availabe at "Insel Schütt School, Hintere Insel Schütt 5". Approx. 500m from the race course
  • Free post race dinner and award ceremony at the same place

The race is close to town centre with lots of hotels in the vacinity. Please inform yourself and book a room timely via the known hotel booking websites or the website of the city of Nuremberg (

Free high quality, printable photos will be available about 1 week after the race for download from our rage gallery:


Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team Nbg. e.V.
Pragya Gerig
Austr. 74
90429 Nürnberg
Tel.+49 (0)911 28 88 65 (The Golden Shore Verlag )
Fax: +49 (0)911 288412